ALUMINIUM 2021 13th World Trade Fair & Conference
18 – 20 Mai 2021
Exhibition Center Düsseldorf

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S.A.I. Srl Societa Automazione Industriale (2020)

via Carpi 40

25080 Mazzano BS,

Italy, Lombardia


+39 0302120944


+39 0302120944



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Application industries

  • Automotive industry
  • Building and construction
  • Design / interior design
  • Iron / steel / plastics
  • Electronics / electrics
  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Railway
  • Shipbuilding
  • Solar energy
  • Packaging and consumer durables
  • Others

Company presentation

We operate all over the world to provide controls extremely capable and reliable, programming, software, and complete solutions for the automation of the aluminum extrusion.
Our aim is to provide increasingly innovative and high-performance software and consultation services which enable the pursuit of high-quality standards, with attention to the specific requirements of individual plants.
The need to achieve superior and reliable performance with repeatable results inspired the development of efficient company systems for complete production cycle management (ECN), supervision systems, the Isothermal Extrusion System (IES) and die cooling using liquid nitrogen.
Aluminium extrusion is a complex process, ECN increases ease of operation and fluidity of the production process. Digital management of the production data, orders, extrusion parameters and signals from the plant help dramatically reduce the possibility of human error and optimize the work schedule. Constant monitoring of production allows a detailed analysis: this is a great tool in developing best working procedures and to reducing production time. ECN is totally flexible and can be tailored to customer requirements, with bespoke solutions for each individual plant. ECN interfaces with existing ERP systems.
Currently the leading extrusion technology- IES and IES PLUS guarantee increased production (average of 12% in standard conditions) and adopt optimal solutions for profile temperature managing during extrusion with tricky dies, respecting and adapting its functions for each production line.
The function of Die Cooling managed with liquid nitrogen is a unique feature to improve extrusion performance. The liquid nitrogen flow controlled by the IES system gives important benefits: speed increasing by 30%, significant saving of nitrogen compared to traditional regulation systems (about 40%) and 20% die life extension.
IES automatically regulates the amount of liquid nitrogen to be used depending on the production in progress and optimizes pressure, speed and temperature in continuous closed loop.
The modularity and the flexible adaptation of SAI systems to the plant structures are features of primary importance in favor of ERP system integration.
Data directly related to the scheduled planning are sent to the appropriate production lines and the manager station / ERP acquires production data in real time. The work orders move through the system from station to station.
We offer an excellent after sales support, with daily remote connection, training and production analysis.




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