ALUMINIUM 2021 13th World Trade Fair & Conference
18 – 20 Mai 2021
Exhibition Center Düsseldorf

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QForm Group Invitation function (2020)

2-nd Yuzhnoportovyi Proyezd, 16/2

115088 Moscow,



+49 333833421815



Application industries

  • Automotive industry
  • Engineering

Company presentation

QForm Extrusion software is intended special for numerical simulation of aluminium profile extrusion. It allows predicting the character of metal flow, estimating the quality of extruded profiles and making extrusion die set design of both solid and hollow thin-walled profiles for various purposes. The newest version is based on interface of QForm 9 software for simulation of metal forming processes. Simulations of aluminium profile extrusion works much faster and clearer thanks to innovative methods used in QForm 9. The most complicated problems can be solved now very accurate and quick. QForm Extrusion allows to transfer a part of the experimental study into the virtual reality and thus save both money and time for development and enhancement of production technologies.





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