ALUMINIUM 2020 13th World Trade Fair & Conference
6 – 8 October 2020
Exhibition Center Düsseldorf

Theme pavilions 2020

Finding bundled solutions


Whether in the automobile, aerospace or mechanical engineering industry: aluminium castings are used everywhere. 25% of the exhibitors are from this sector and are located in hall 10.

Exhibitors of the Foundry Pavilion:

Federick Aluminium
Fonderie Moulaire S.A.S
Foshan Langdun Aluminium Fabrication Equipment Co., Ltd
Foshan Yejing Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.
Jinzhou Sata Fused Fluxes and New Material Factory
Yixing Huajing Technology Co., Ltd.Zmag America, Ltd.

Aluminium is a material for all eternity: 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. In times of dwindling resources and high energy costs, recycling is the best method for conserving resources, saving energy and protecting the environment. In hall 11 new products, techniques and innovations are going to be introduced.

Exhibitors of the Recycling Pavilion:

Panizzolo Recycling Systems s.r.l.


A good combination: Magnesium is an additional lightweight construction material that perfectly complements aluminium. Developers and designers will find an additional approach in the field of lightweight construction in Hall 10.

Exhibitors of the Magnesium Area:

Solutions for the ongoing developments in intelligent production and networking processes can be foind in Hall 10 at the special area around the topic Digital Manufacturing. 

Exhibitors of the Digital Manufacturing area:

Industrial production is relying increasingly on sustainability and environmental friendliness. At the special are Environmental Engieering will be shown how resources are to be conserved, used more efficiently and recycled.

Exhibitors of the Environmental Engineering Pavilion are coming soon!

Young, innovative companies present themselves at ALUMINIUM. Get to know them in Hall 9.

Exhibitors of the Pavilion for young and innovative companies are:

Havel metal foam GmbH


The WGM Pavilion is an area at the event especially for aluminium distributors and metal wholesalers. It is supported by WGM (Wirtschaftsverbandes Großhandel Metallhalbzeug e.V.)

Exhibitors of the WGM Pavilion are:

häuselmann metall GmbH

Kastens und Knauer GmbH & Co. International KG

markmann+müller datensysteme GmbH

MECU-Metallhalbzeug GmbH & Co. KG

Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG

Weinmann Aach AG

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