ALUMINIUM 2020 13. Weltmesse & Kongress
6. – 8. Oktober 2020
Messe Düsseldorf

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A Quantum Courage (Pawlik Consultants)

Themen: Automotive, Maschinenbau, Digital Manufacturing, Strangpress-/Ziehtechnik, Bau- und Konstruktionswesen, Luft-& Raumfahrt, Oberflächenbehandlung, Walzwerkstechnik, Ausrüstungen und Hilfsmittel, Schmelze-, Gieß- und Wärmebehandlungstechnik, Mess-/Prüftechnik,

Dare something new and sometimes even jump into the cold water - that requires courage and overcoming. Whenever we dare, make important decisions or take risks, we need courage. But can one learn to be courageous? Is it even contagious?

Learn more about using courage to promote personal strengths and to grow beyond oneself.

About the speaker: Tobias Schadewaldt is a specialist in personal and organizational development with regard to innovation and digitalization. He is a former Olympian and World Ranking No. 1 in Sailing. Besides his work as a consultant he works as a lecturer at the Hanseatic School of Business Administration in Hamburg.

Herr Tobias Schadewaldt


Pawlik Consultants

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Donnerstag, 11.10.2018

12:15 - 12:55



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